Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ideas...for later

I'm full of ideas.  Some are great and some are almost great.  The problem is, I'm afraid when the perfect time comes for me to execute any of them, they'll escape me.  Or someone will beat me to it.

Well, you heard it here first.  The fabulous ideas that I will SOMEDAY put into practice!

1) For when I become a mom: a blog called "Don't Bite the Boob that Feeds."  Sure it's a little gross but I think most moms will get it.  I got the idea at a baby shower the other day when two of my friends, Tara and Bobbi, were breast-feeding their kids.  Bobbi was modest and kept herself covered up while Tara (on her third child and just so Tara) kept saying, "Boobs are flying, sorry if you see it."  For the record, either way is fine with me and breast-feeding in public doesn't bother me in the least.

2) For when I become tech-savvy: Pinterest's counterpart called "BoreDumb."  It will be marketed as a site to house all things dumb and boring.  I don't think it will draw much traffic, because if it starts becoming funny it will defeat the purpose.  I like the fact that it is a Catch-22.  Where does the phrase Catch-22 come from?

3) Text-back: a feature that allows a pre-set text to do just that to eager communicators who text or call you during a time when you can't respond.  A movie, a meeting, the bathroom.  Never mind--I think in the time since I've come up with that idea and now people have accepted all of these venues as appropriate places to use a cell phone.

4) A women's golf clothing line: called 'My Fairway Lady.'

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here's to the Kids!

I was cleaning out old papers recently and came across a notebook I haven't been able to throw away.  It's from my first year of teaching (5th grade at Garcia Elementary in Phoenix) and has every painstaking detail that went into every (sometimes painful) day.  Your first year of teaching in your own classroom is an experience that I'm not sure is quite like any other.  While you're surrounded by anywhere from 15 to 30 people all day each day, it can feel pretty lonely at times.

But maybe this is for another post.

The reason I jumped on my blog was because I couldn't throw away this notebook without sending this little poem I wrote, while in the throes of teaching, to the archives.  I still think it's pretty sweet...even if it shows my 22-year-old self naivete...

For anyone who ever thought being a teacher was "easy" with summers off and work days that "end" at 3 pm, I'd just like to say:

Here's to the kids who make work worth it,
The kids who keep us coming back for more.

Here's to the kids who forget their homework...
           their lunch money...
                  their phone number...
...but remember what you wore the first day of school,
The sticker you forgot to put on their chart,
The fact that you said they could get the lunch cards
               Three weeks ago.

Here's to the kids who get As
The kids who get Fs
The kids who get IT--finally!

Here's to the kids whose eyes give them away:
I'm happy
I'm bored
I'm scared.

Here's to the kid who says "It's not fair,"
Who says "I don't get it"
Who says "Why?"

Here's to the kids who come when you wish they would go,
Who go when you wish they could stay,
And who a little piece of who they are
With you.  Always.

Awww...with each subsequent year of teaching I think I get a little mistier as I read this!